The New State-Of-The-Art Landing Page Solution For Affiliate Marketers

LanderBolt is a full service lander creator and editor that's cloud hosted, built from the ground up for lightning fast hosting speeds, and designed for any traffic source. Easily create, design, duplicate, modify and organize all of your domains and landing pages in one user friendly interface. Launch using our pre-made templates and start testing campaigns in minutes. It's simple to use and integrates with front end trackers.

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LanderBolt is 15 Times Faster than a CDN.

We Speed tested LanderBolt's State-Of-The-Art Cloud Hosting (left)  Vs a Popular CDN (Right)
Below Are Our Results.

Visual Drag and Drop Page Builder and Editor - Split Test Fast

With the state-of-the-art drag-and-drop simplicity, LanderBolt turns anyone into a cutting-edge web designer -- no coding skills needed!

Simplicity and Speed

Change the look and feel of your new landing page(s) with just a couple of clicks. The drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to create appealing pages, and unlimited variations.

Pre-Built Landing Page Elements

Design converting landing pages in minutes with pre-built landing page elements such as forms. buttons. surveys, date callouts, countdown timers, and more.

Code Editor

Want to modify your landing page code directly? Our code editor lets you edit HTML, CSS, & JS on all of your landing pages. The code editor includes syntax highlighting and mulitiple visual themes.

Huge Template Library 

Templates For Every Verticle

Landerbolt provides fully customizable templates for every verticle. Simply select one of the premium templates, click publish and you now have a live landing page.

Up To Date Template Library

We provide you with templates that are relevent to the "hot" offers in the industry and we are adding new templates daily. You can simply search for an offer name and Landerbolt will pull-up converting templates for that offer.

No Third Party Software Needed

We handle everyhing for you. All you need is a domain and a registrar. You do not have to purchase any third party software to host your landing pages, and manage your domains.


LanderBolt is perfect for any traffic source, and scales with any traffic volume. We have affordable membership levels to suit your needs, from Starter to Enterprise.

Fast and Professional Support

Email or text/call us and LanderBolt will go above and beyond to help you transition to our platform, from your current server setup.

Constant Updates

We are working on amazing new features and we are constantly improving LanderBolt. We love what we do and your business  depends on staying current in this fast growing industry.

Non-Techie Friendly

If the code editor looks intimidating, don’t worry! You don’t have to use it. You can just use the visual editor. We’re committed to making a product that’s high-tech but also extremely user-friendly.  LanderBolt is built to replace your dedicated server, CDN, DNS provider, dreamweaver or HTML editor, FTP program, and spy tools. Stay organized and keep everything in one portal.

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